It all started in the fifth grade. I was cast as Skimbleshanks the railway cat in my school’s production of Cats. And from that day forward I knew what I was made to do.  No. Not be a cat. I was designed to tell stories.  And tell them well. Over the years, I tried to turn this desire into a career as an actor.  And, without tooting my own horn, was fairly successful at it. After Graduating from Elon University with a degree in Theatre, I worked...a lot... I cofounded a children’s theatre that was known for putting up quality productions in the heart of Atlanta.  And it was fun. 

But after awhile, what I loved to do became laborious.  Time, money, and survival became my main focus and in the end….this dream of telling stories fell by the way side and the business at hand took over.  But, now, as a wife and mom of three little people and two furry beasts we call pets, I realized that doing business for business sake just wasn't going to cut it for me.  I wanted to get back in the business of telling stories that I believed in. So it is with J Birds Studio.

When you decide to partner with me and my company, that’s what you get.  A partner. And as a partner here’s what you can expect from J Birds Studios.


We don’t take projects we aren’t passionate about.  So, when we do take a project, you know we’re not cutting corners, we’re not taking the easy road, and you can rest assured that what we’re doing is in your best interest.


We’ve heard the term “thinking outside the box”.  Well, it’s overused. So much so that I’m going to say when it comes to every project, we ignore the box. There is no box. Just your idea and the perfect package to put it in. I guess you could say, if there is a box…it’s one we made from scratch that best suits your needs.


We pride ourselves on creating a work environment that is fun and relaxed, but we also pride ourselves on delivering a product that exceeds your expectations and is on time.  And if it isn’t, We’ll fix it. Because we want your vision to be as clear as you see it.