"I’ve trusted Jen with projects ranging from producing high budget informational videos, all the way to being a character actress to tell stories to second graders. In the 17 years I have worked with her,  she has always engaged each task with enthusiasm, talent, and expertise.  But honestly, the thing I love most about Jen is her passion for the people around her.  In high pressure situations, that is always a welcome addition.  In fact, I can’t think of any circumstance when a project would not benefit from her amazing gifts."

Reggie Joiner, Founder & CEO of Orange

"Our two companies have used Jen and the JBirds Studio Team for both corporate and our k-8 educational programs. The set design, video quality and, the best lady in front of a camera, Jen made each of our projects a complete success. Jen and the team are, without a doubt, my go-to-team for any video work."

Mitch Smith, Founder & CEO of Rootloud